Not Messi! Not Ronaldo!

It was a well-known dice game for eleven years. FIFA got a two-sided dice. Above was Lionel Messi, below Cristiano Ronaldo. The dice were rolled once and the world footballer was determined. In 2018 the dice suddenly had three sides and see there…

Luka Modric is world footballer! The best player of the 2018 World Cup wins the most important title for individual performances worldwide. The title nobody had won since 2007, which is not called Messi or Ronaldo.

I am very happy that the phalanx was finally broken. Congratulations @lukamodric10, you really deserve it! #FIFAFootballAwards

Possibly a few years too late, but absolutely deserved. Congratulations to Modric. #FIFAFootballAwards

– PameFCB (@PameFCB) September 24, 2018

Yes, the world is happy for Luka Modric. But maybe she is also happy that there is finally a new world soccer player. By the way, Cristiano Ronaldo finished second, Lionel Messi didn’t even make it into the top eleven. How did they both react when Modric picked up the trophy?

#Modric #Fifa There the character of #Ronaldo “I hate to lose” appears again and again, he says. For him the second already a loser! Is that a sausage!!!

– MKS (@MAtrix24009762) September 25, 2018

#Modric gets the biggest award of his life and what happens? #Ronaldo still appears in almost every headline just because he’s skipping. But that’s not even new. #World footballer

– Maria Kurth (@Kurthskitchen) September 24, 2018

Beautiful to see what great sportsmen #Messi and #Ronaldo are: For the first time in 10 years not one of them gets the #FIFAFootballAwards and already both are not at the award ceremony to pay their respect to #LukaModric.

– Robert Pietsch (@ropietsch) September 25, 2018

A little more respect, you two

Ronaldo and Messi are without a doubt the best players of the last ten years. But that didn’t have to be, the gentlemen. Both did not appear to pay respect to Luka Modric. Messi probably had family obligations, Ronaldo would have been banned from participating by Juventus Turin. Two legends that do not quite reach their human level of play.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Finally! #ronaldo #modric #weltfußballer

– Luk (@nurmalso_) September 24, 2018

Luka Modric doesn’t care. With him the whole football world is happy. And when Messis family celebration and Ronaldo’s training with Juve are over, maybe they will congratulate him anyway.