Tedesco degrades Ralf Fährmann

Timble to Schalke: After a weak first round, the king’s blues go into the second half series with a new keeper. Before the 2-1 home win against VfL Wolfsburg, coach Domenico Tedesco announced that he trusted a new number one in Alexander Nübel. For the fans of the Schalker, this decision is only of limited use.

Ralf Fährmann has been the undisputed number one for years. For many it is not understandable that he never got a chance in the national team. The unsatisfactory first round of his Schalker also left its mark on Fährmann. The otherwise so secure backing failed several times and contributed to the Schalker crisis. However, the squires’ fans hardly blamed him for the sporting misery. But Domenico Tedesco seems to have gained the impression in the training camp that he could make a difference by changing his goalkeeper. A few hours before the start of the second half of the season against the Wolfsburg team, the second half of the season was over: Ralf Fährmann is only number two. Tedesco decided to favour Alexander Nübel. The young keeper has been in the spotlight several times during the current season, when Fährmann had to pass due to an injury.

Tedesco stands by his decision

For the Schalker coach, the change on the goalkeeper’s position has priority to give the team more stability again. “First of all, it is a decision that has been extremely difficult for us – for various reasons. But there have been some uncertainties in the last few games. All in all, we had the feeling that our heads weren’t free. The nights before the decision and the conversation with ‘Ralle’ were anything but easy for me. I was relieved that he handled it so professionally,” said Tedesco. Fährmann should continue to be his captain and has accepted the decision well. “Half an hour later he spoke in the team meeting and gave impulses as we know him. That’s what we need, too.” There is support from Sports Director Christian Heidel. He assured us that he would support the decision 100 percent. He also stressed that the change is by no means an argument against Ralf Fährmann.

Tedesco degrades the third audience favourite

The Schalker fans do not understand the decision. From a sporting point of view, some fans can understand the change of goalkeeper. Emotionally, however, the degradation upset many. One and a half years ago Benedikt Höwedes left the club, which until then had been regarded as the absolute darling of the public. Tedesco still has many fans who resent this departure, as the coach did not want the captain in his team anymore. A few weeks ago, Naldo took a surprise farewell to Monaco. He was also very popular with the fans. With Ralf Fährmann, a popular romper has landed on the bench for the third time in a very short time. “I don’t make my decisions to shake up the team, it’s always about the cause itself. I’m certainly not a masochist,” justified Tedesco. Alexander Nübel did a good job against Wolfsburg. If he shows further strong performances, the anger of the Schalker followers will probably have settled soon.