Does Frankfurt stand up again in the Bundesliga against Hertha BSC?

Bravo, Eintracht Frankfurt! Once again the team around coach Niko Kovac has reached the cup final. This time, however, it’s not BVB who are waiting in the final, but the big FC Bayern Munich. Before it goes to Berlin in May, Hertha BSC first comes to the Main. The Berliners are in the middle of the table. Frankfurt, on the other hand, can still tackle the places of the Europa League, perhaps even the Champions League with a victory. If there hadn’t been some confusion about the coach change from Kovac to Munich, perhaps even the lull shortly before the end of the season would not have happened. Because within the league Eintracht has not won for three games now. Will the turnaround be successful again on the 31st matchday? For that, it would take a victory in the domestic Commerzbank Arena against Hertha BSC. Because with three more points, the leap back to the international places is safe. Because on Saturday, 21 April 2018 at 15.30 Frankfurt has an advantage. The four places ahead of Eintracht are all direct duels and therefore leave points behind.

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Frankfurt vs. Berlin in fast run

    • Paarung: Eintracht Frankfurt – Hertha BSC
    • Competition: 1. Bundesliga Season 2017/18
    • Round: 31. Matchday
    • Anstoß: Saturday, 21. April 2018 at 15.30 o’clock
    • Ort: Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt
    • Eintracht: 7th place, 46 points, 41:37 goals
    • Hertha: 9th place, 46 points, 41:37 goals

liHertha: 9th place, 9th place, 9th place, 9th place, 9th place, 9th place, 9th place, 9th place, 9th place. Place, 39 points, 35:35 goals

number games

  • Twelve victories: Going in 29 direct duels to the Hertha from Berlin
  • Nine successes: The Frankfurters secured themselves; Eight games concluded with draw
  • Over 2.5: Goals scored in 19 of 30 season games at Hertha BSC
  • nder 3.5: Hits occurred in 25 of 30 games of this season whereas BSC
  • nder 3.5: Hits occurred in 25 of 30 games of this season /li
  • 41 Goals: Could Eintracht Frankfurt already score; Berlin scored 35 times /li

Form curve of teams

Who has the better form? This question has been investigated in the following. At first glance, both teams do not take much. Where the Frankfurters marched with three wins, one draw and three defeats from the last seven games, the Berliners had only two successes, but three draws and only two bankruptcies.

Frankfurt lost, despite sacrificial struggle, with 2:3 to visit Borussia Dortmund. Then it came to two wins in a row. At first it was deserved to win 3:0 over the 1st FSV Mainz 05. Furthermore there was a clear 9:1 in the test game against Alemannia Haibach. Then began the series of games without a threesome. Because in Bremen Eintracht lost 1:2. Also the home game against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim ended only with a 1:1 draw. Furthermore there was the 1:4 bankruptcy as a guest in Leverkusen. But the Frankfurt team entered the cup final with a 1-0 win over Schalke.

Berlin won one point in Munich at the final score of 0:0 and is happy with it. After that, however, Hertha lost 0:1 to FC Schalke 04, who came second in the table. Hertha also shared the points in the home game against SC Freiburg. No goals were scored in this game. And in Hamburg it was finally once again enough to a 2-1 success. Moreover, the Berliners played in the home game against VfL Wolfsburg only 0-0 draw. As guests in Mönchengladbach it was enough only to a 1:2 defeat. But on the last matchday, within a home match, against 1 FC Cologne was won with 2:1.

Evaluation: Berlin won from the last three away games three points. Frankfurt could secure itself in the past three home games meanwhile seven points.

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Statistical and direct comparison

The direct comparison speaks on short and long view for Hertha BSC – however in each case only scarcely. Because with twelve victories of the Berliners they find themselves minimally ahead of the nine successes of Frankfurt. Eight games ended in a draw. And so the last seven matches went from the point of view of the Frankfurters: 2:1, 0:2, 3:3, 0:2 and 1:1. After all, there was a victory in the first leg of the season. But how did the last five home games against Berlin go? They ended 3:3, 1:1, 4:4, 1:0 and 2:2. We have four draws to report.

Within the table we find the Frankfurters in a good seventh place. This is certainly not enough for Eintracht, which was even better a short time ago. Because with 13 wins, seven draws and ten defeats, the gap to the international competition is only minimal. There were 41:37 goals within the league. At home Frankfurt is with seven successes, four draws and four bankruptcies, as well as with 23:16 goals in 15 games on eighth place to find.

Hertha BSC is only ninth. Nine wins, twelve draws and nine defeats, as well as 35:35 goals confirm this balanced placement. With 39 points and nine points ahead of the relegation, the relegation fight four match days before the end should no longer be an issue. Away the citizens of Berlin got four victories, six draws and five defeats, with 16:16 goals.

Evaluation: The draw seems to have a high probability. Otherwise, we see the Frankfurt slightly favored at.

Recommended bets and odds

Why many goals? Because Berlin scored exactly three goals away from home twice last time. In addition, the over 1.5 goals in the past five direct duels of both teams were right. The quota of 1.35 from Expekt is therefore justified. The Over 2.5 goals may be a bit riskier, but is also rewarded with a 2.10 from Betvictor.

Comparing the draw does not only work in the direct comparison (home view of the Frankfurters), but also in the table of the Berliners. Therefore, the odds of 3.50 for Tipico (without betting tax) on the draw are also high.

Evaluation: The draw seems to be the absolutely logical result here. Frankfurt did not win already three games any more and Berlin already divided the points three times in the past seven games. For the draw, Tipico awards a 3.50 odds.

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