Düsseldorf: There must be a reaction against Wolfsburg

What the fans now expect at the next game on Saturday (27 October 2018) at 15.30 in the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf is perfectly clear: A victory. The guest will then be VfL Wolfsburg, who is currently also in a major creative crisis. Actually, the best conditions for the Fortuna are there, if only it weren’t for this lack of self-confidence. On the other hand: On the Wolfsburg side, the chest should not be bursting with self-confidence either. Who secures itself in the crisis duel the three-way

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Duesseldorf vs. Wolfsburg in the fast run-through

    • pairing: Fortuna Duesseldorf – VfL Wolfsburg
    • competition: 1. Federal league 2018/19
    • round: 9. play day

liimpulse: Saturday, 27 October 2018 around 15.30 pm

  • location: Merkur Game Arena, Düsseldorf
  • liFortuna: 18th place, 5 points, 6:18 goals
  • Wolfsburg: 10th place, 9 points, 11:14 goals

1st Bundesliga betting tip prediction: numbers games

  • pressure: Düsseldorf cashed 5 bankruptcies in succession
  • problems: In the last 7 home games only one victory
  • Critical: Wolfsburg is since 7 games without victory
  • Immerally: Wolves goals in 3 of the last 4 away games
  • Bitter: Düsseldorf still without victory against the wolves

1. Bundesliga prognosis: Form curve of the teams

Naturally it was clear from the beginning that the season for Fortuna Düsseldorf would not necessarily become easy. At the moment, however, the Düsseldorfers are facing problems that were probably not planned for. Especially the last matchday is a bad time for the mood, because here F95 had to admit defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt with a solid 1:7. Anyway, there were four bankruptcies in the league in series. If the Düsseldorfers don’t pay attention, the 18th place in the table could in the worst case become the regular place for the rising star. But: There is still enough time to turn the weak start into a positive season.

Wolfsburg in free fall?

However, the analysis by VfL Wolfsburg does not show any outstanding values in our 1st Bundesliga forecast for this game either. The wolves actually started the season well and were able to set a few big exclamation marks on the first match days. But meanwhile the fun is over again and today’s guests have been waiting for a victory since the beginning of September. Last weekend there was a 1:3 bankruptcy against the Bavarians, before was lost 0:2 in Bremen. Annoying, because after the good start everyone in the Autostadt had hoped that the cellar would not become an issue this season.

Evaluation: Poor performances have increased the pressure on both sides recently. Especially Wolfsburg disappoints after the strong start of the season.

Statistical and direct comparison

Six duels between VfL Wolfsburg and Fortuna Düsseldorf have already taken place. A total of 18 hits were scored, which means an average of exactly 3.00 hits per game. The wolves were much more active, marking twelve stalls alone. Düsseldorf stands accordingly with six own goals. Also interesting, however, is the fact that in the last two duels both teams were always able to score at least one goal. At least from a historical point of view we can hope for a few hits in our betting tips.

Anxiety opponent VfL

For the players from Düsseldorf this game is not only unpleasant because of the weaker goal ratio, but also because of the general balance. In the six direct duels there was no success for F95, but three defeats. Three more games ended in a draw. The last bankruptcy for the Fortuna came in the 2012/13 season, when both teams split in the Bundesliga 1:4 from a Düsseldorf point of view. At the same time this was also the highest failure for Fortuna in this duel in football.

Evaluation: The wolves have the balance quite firmly in their hands, even though no direct duel has been played for several years.

Wett-Tipps heute für Fortuna Düsseldorf – VfL Wolfsburg

This game is about a lot, but above all about the self-confidence of both teams. Both sides are quite ailing and have problems especially in the defensive. That is also the reason why we recommend a bet on the Over 1.5 in our betting tips today for this game in the area of safe betting tips. The betting provider Betvictor provides you with the best odds for this with a 1.30. Due to the individually higher quality we see the wolves here also slightly in advantage. Out of town there was only one bankruptcy in three games so far, so you can work with it. Our betting tips are therefore supplemented by a bet on the Wolfsburg DNB victory. The best odds for this you can get according to sports bets comparison with a 1.80 at bwin.

How good are the odds for Fortuna Düsseldorf – VfL Wolfsburg?

Our 1st Bundesliga forecast is again supplemented in this case by a recommendation from the area of risk betting tips. We think that the individual class of the Wolfsburger will prevail here at the end. The landlords might be still somewhat more insecure, finally there was on the last play day a harsh 1:7 Klatsche against Frankfurt. In the 1st Bundesliga Bett-Tipp forecast we therefore recommend you a bet on the away win 2. You will find the best odds for this with a 2.50 at the betting provider X-Tip, which at the same time allows you to clear the X-Tip bonus for the payout.

Evaluation: In Düsseldorf nothing came together last, at the same time Wolfsburg is individually stronger. So we’re going for the away win 2 and the full odds of 2.50.

Recommendations from the editors

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