SC Paderborn vs. FC Schalke 04 Betting tip, betting bonus & odds ” 15.09.19

What’s the comparison with our sports betting anyway? In principle, we look at a big swing statistics. These include information on the form, direct comparison, series and other data. After a decent evaluation we have a good overview of the game. From this in turn we form our betting tips. In this case Schalke has to go on an away trip and arrive at the Benteler-Arena. On Sunday, September 15th, 2019, at 6 p.m. the 4th match day will be decided with this match.

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SC Paderborn vs. FC Schalke 04 in quick succession

  • Pairing: SC Paderborn – FC Schalke 04
  • Competition: 1st place Bundesliga 2019/20
  • Round: 4th matchday
  • Kick-off: Sunday, 15th September 2019 at 6 pm
  • Location: Benteler-Arena, Paderborn
  • SC Paderborn: 15th place, 1 point, 4:7 goals
  • FC Schalke 04: 9th place, 4 points, 3:3 goals

1. Bundesliga betting tip prediction: Number games

  • 4 victories: The Schalke players scored in 4 games against Paderborn
  • 6:2 goals: They fell in these 4 games – S04 always won close
  • Over 2.5: Goals fell in two thirds of the previous games
  • 7 goals: The SC from Paderborn has to swallow already
  • 3 goals: Both teams are on the account; Schalke shot only 1 himself

1. Bundesliga forecast: Form curve of the teams

SC Paderborn has arrived in the Bundesliga. But the start was not really successful. Whereby we must admit that the Paderborn team impressed us with their offensive nature. Nevertheless, it is important to mention the drop of bitterness: Because after three days of play there’s still a small point on the account. In our 1st Bundesliga forecast we would like to take it one step at a time. That’s why we’re looking at the first duel in the league. The action in Leverkusen was really down to earth there. Despite a courageous appearance, the final whistle was only 2:3. Even in the home game against SC Freiburg, the score was only 1:3. After all, SCP scored the first point in the away game against VfL Wolfsburg with a 1:1 victory. Nevertheless, we suspect here the risk betting tips.

We now come to FC Schalke 04, because our betting tips from professionals would be very one-sided if we excluded the away team. The Schalke players did not have an easy start. First they had to make the journey to Borussia Mönchengladbach. Basically it was a game where not much happened. So it is somehow fitting that it ended up 0-0. But many of them scored three goals in their first home game of the season. But they lost against the record champion from Munich and the squires with 0:3. Finally the match with Hertha BSC was on the agenda. Once again S04 was allowed to play at home. And this time the first threesome succeeded. Schalke won 3-0, which also improved the goal ratio to 3:3 goals in our 1st Bundesliga forecast.

Evaluation: Is there a sure winner? Not that, but the promoted player from Paderborn is clearly the underdog here.

Statistical and direct comparison

Now we have already dealt with the form curves of the teams. What is still missing is a look at the goals. Only through a comprehensive analysis can we provide the most reliable betting tips. Therefore, we first look at the results of SC Paderborn: 2:3, 1:3 and 1:1. So far, goals have always fallen – and always on both sides. Can Schalke keep up in this respect? That’s what the final scores looked like: 0:0, 0:3 and 3:0. 2.5 goals were scored in two games. But there were always only goals on one side. In fact, we think it’s hard to tell whether many or few stalls will fall.

What insights does the direct comparison bring

We do not want to drag this statistic out unnecessarily. Paderborn was already at home in the Bundesliga in the 14/15 season. At that time there were two duels with FC Schalke 04 and both games were lost. At home the Paderborn team lost 1:2 and in the foreign game it was 0:1 at the end. Exactly these two results are also written down in the two friendly matches. So again 1:2 and 0:1. What can we conclude from this? Schalke is the favourite. But they have only ever won by one goal ahead. Therefore, if the odds are right, even a handicap victory on Paderborn, where the underdog is given a lead, could be a clever idea.

Evaluation: Schalke is already superior from our point of view. Risk betting tips on Paderborn are therefore out of the question for us. But starting with a cushion, we can imagine it.

betting tips today for SC Paderborn – FC Schalke 04

If we decide to bet on tips after our 1st Bundesliga forecast, we will look at all statistics again in advance. Then we remember which facts have made the most impression. Finally, we divide the bets into three categories. Because we would like to spend odds on safe, moderate and risky tips. Among the safe betting tips, we have chosen the 1 handicap 2:0. Why? Because Schalke has so far only scored one goal itself and because in direct comparison, wins are always only one goal ahead. For this we get a 1.25 as betting odds at Bet3000.

How good are the odds for SC Paderborn – FC Schalke 04?

Some readers may wonder, although Paderborn is very offensive, why we take the Under 3.5 goals. On the one hand we like the odds of 1.60 at Unibet. And then Schalke has revealed weaknesses offensively so far. And even Paderborn has only scored one goal in each of the last two games. So we think the combination of chance and risk is quite good. Finally, we recommend the X Handicap 1:0 for the risk takers. Here the rogues would have to win with one goal difference. It should be noted that there have been four direct duels so far. Each of them ended with 2:1 or 1:0 for the Schalker. Nevertheless, this bet is associated with a certain risk, which is why we recommend the Bet3000 bonus. We can take the odds of 4.80 with us.

estimation: Somehow we like the risk betting tip. For the X Handicap 1:0 there is really no guarantee, but with a 4.80 a really great betting rate.

betting recommendations from the editorial staff

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